Participating in visits behind traces of Jewish culture in Poland, you'll learn the colorful and fascinating world that existed in our country since the Middle Ages until World War II - the tragic event that changed it forever. There no longer exists Jewish towns, villages and cultural societies so characteristic before the war. But, on the other hand, there is still something that survived the dark times - numerous historical places and small fragments of Jewish heritage you can discover traveling with us through Poland. We hope you have an interest in this world almost lost. Maybe while looking for your own history, you will identify with the past of the greater Jewish society. You may develop a sense of strong connection while listening to some stories hidden in the walls of the abandoned synagogues, you may put your own "stone of memory" on one of the tombs of the rabbis of the past... We want to awake in you such feelings like understanding and participation of the past, but not totally lost world; we would like to share with you responsibility for its return to the presence.


About us

The creation of polish travel adventure has been an evolutionary event in our quest for professional growth. All this started many years ago as a passion for travel and exploration in seeking out the world around us. Then, by employing studies of geographic tourism, we began the second phase, which ended a few years later with polish travel adventure - a tourist company that gave us the possibility of putting into practice what our academies had taught us and to be able to demonstrate through our travels the enormous diversity of Polish nature and culture, along with it's beautiful landscape. [more...]


  1. 01 Gathering the pieces of the Jewish heritage
  2. 02 In search of the lost world
  3. 03 In search of Jewish roots in Poland
  4. 04 Jewish Cultural Events
  5. 05 Most important places on The Jewish map of Poland

The most important places

Auschwitz – Birkenau. Auschwitz was the first concentration camp in Poland; it opened in June 1940 at a former military garrison. The name Auschwitz has become symbolic of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Jews. It was at the Auschwitz main camp that Zyklon B, an insecticide, was first tested in June 1941 and then used for the first mass killing of humans in a gas chamber on Sept. 3, 1941. [more...]


My name is Monte and, along with my wife Mickey, we led a photography workshop trip to Poland between June 23 and July 8, 2005. The purpose of this letter is to tell you how totally pleased we were with our guide, Monika Prylinska. In fact, I've been conducting photography workshops throughout the world for 15 years and I would rank Monika as the best guide I have ever had. She was very personable, very knowledgeable and went out of her way to satisfy our entire group. Monika was most helpful in making our trip to Poland (first visit for any of us) enjoyable and memorable. Poland is a very beautiful country and we all took home a very favorable impression, thanks in great part to Monika. On a return visit, I would definitely request her as a guide.

Monte Nagler, USA